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Muyu stone, a most famous and precious stone from China, is the marine deposit of 550-580 million years ago, with crystalline grain and beautiful vein.

Muyu stone contains 26 different health sustaining minerals, and is beneficial for heart, stomach as well as all the other organs.

Muyu stone is used as an ideal material to make High Quality Teaware and Decoration Carvings since the time of the Ming Dynasty. Muyu Stone is also called Wooden Fish Stone due to its special colour character that makes one think its from wood.

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Muyu stone can improve the quality of water (tea) by adjusting the PH value because of its elements in the dissociative state as ions that are drawn into the molecules of the water.

Muyu stone contains many trace elements such as selenium, zinc, molybdenum, and can improve the body's metabolism on a variety of enzyme activities in its centralizer consolidate and replenishing role.

The many elements have a significant effect on the health of the body in many ways. Not only is Muyu Stone known as beautiful natural material for Teaware, it is also known to work to the benefit of both the physicals health and rejuvenation in certain ways. 



 One of the most famous and

precious stones in China

Very rare

from Ancient

Marine deposits







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